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To demonstrate the extraordinary properties of this unique product, our scientists routinely submerge electrical equipment (in this cas an operating TV set) in water. As you can see, the TV continues to perform perfectly thanks to PK-Product´s Polar Bonding Technology (PBT). PK Products are know as Best Available Technology (B.A.T.) on the world market, thanks to its Polar Bonding Technology. It is friendly to the environment, the human and the machine, not containing silicon and hardly any solvent. Corrosion Inhibitor: Perfect for treating export goods and sea cargo, long term storage application or treating internal parts of machinery, vehicles and industrial gears for a period up to 2 years and more. Lubricant: Great lubricant in corrosive environments and where heavy loads are found, it performs better than most specialized lubricants on applications such as bearings, chains, rails and hinges. Penetrant: Rusty bolts can be loosened in a few minutes, which eliminates the need to burn them off. Wet Protector: Water and moisture can not contact the metal. Leak currents are no longer a problem. Cleaner for Metal: Penetrates through oxides e.g. at electrical contacts, removes it and prevents new formation of oxides.

Polar Bonding Technology and how it works: A corrosion cell is like a tiny battery. It has an anode, cathode, electrolyte and a path of current. Eliminate any one of these „Corrosion Components“ and the corrosion process is interrupted. Until the development of PK Products, nearly all corrosion inhibitors were designed to prevent corrosion by placing a thick film coating of oil, wax, paint, grease, etc. over the metal surface to separate it from the atmosphere. The problem with this approach is that since none of the „corrosion components” are eliminated, corrosion continues to grow, often under the film coating where it can't be seen until the problem becomes severe. PK Products penetrates through existing corrosion and disrupts the corrosion process by eliminating two of the „corrosion components”. It displaces the electrolyte and leaves an ultra-thin dielectric barrier that blocks the path of current. Despite its high dielectric properties,PK Products will not interfere with circuitry and can actually improve the performance of switches and circuit breakers.