PK Gun Oil

Polar Bonding is The Key to Problem Killer For Guns performance!
Unlike ordinary cleaners, oils and greases, molecules of PK Oil For Guns stick to metal almost like a magnet. Swab a dirty bore with CorrosionX for Guns, and it will work its way through fouling to reach the metal, lifting dirt out of the metal for easy removal with a patch. A very light coat of the product all over the weapon will prevent rust between uses, decrease fouling, lubricates and protects mechanismus and makes the weapon even easier to clean next time. It doesn't 'sling off' semiautomatic and automatic actions, making it an excellent replacement for messy greases. It protects them from rust, and it won't hurt metal finishes and rifle stocks. In fact, it enhances their appearance, and it won't attract dust or dirt. It's also a great lubricant and rust preventative for reloading equipment.

Processing Temperature: from -60°C (-76°F) to +130°C (266°F), temporary +160°C (320°F)

Non-Toxic • Non-Carcinogenic • Non-Flammable

The ideal lube for:

Stock Conditioner  - Best Protection Product